Chaos Softball 2015

Entering our 19th season Chaos softball holds firmly to its founding principal, providing opportunity for girls to participate and learn at a level not available at most high school or regional travel level programs. Chaos Softball is a developmental program providing girls the tools to move as far up the competitive softball hierarchy as their talents and work ethic can carry them.

Recent College Commitments
Interested in Chaos?
Contact Joe Spina thru our website to find out more about playing, tryouts, and opportunities.
  1. BulletCaela Abadie - University of Delaware

  2. BulletMaggie Balint - University of Delaware

  3. BulletMegan Butts - University of New Haven

  4. BulletAlyshia Dellatore - University of Delaware

  5. BulletGabby Donatucci - Drexel University

  6. BulletJess Fyock - West Chester University

  7. BulletMariah Kondravy - University of Delaware

  8. BulletTaylor Long - Franklin & Marshall

  9. BulletCourtney Miller - Iona College

  10. BulletCourtney Scarpato - Hofstra University

  11. BulletLauren Scarpato - West Chester University

  12. BulletErin Stacevicz - UMass

  13. BulletDevon Steiner - Coastal Carolina

  14. BulletAnna Steinmetz - University of Delaware

  15. BulletSam Tomasetti - Hofstra University

  16. BulletAlex Viscusi - Princeton University

  17. BulletMeghan Wimmer - Brown University

Chaos Alumni Currently Playing / Placed in the Following Programs
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Nov   12
Signing Day
Hats off to the Seniors! 
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